graphic5Wholesaling real estate is a potentially profitable solution for real estate investors and others who are seeking to turn a profit. This option is preferred amongst many investors due to the lack of risk and the fact that you can get into wholesaling for little or no money down. It’s preferred as a method for generating capital which can be reinvested into properties

So what is property wholesaling and how does it work?

In its simplest form, a wholesaler is a middleman between the property owner/seller and the rehabber.

To understand wholesaling, consider the following example:

You’ve found a property that will be worth $150,000 after rehabbing.

The property requires about $20,000 in improvements and repairs.

You secure a contract on the property for a sum of $75,000.

Next, you connect with a fellow investor and rehabber who’s ready to purchase the property as-is for a sum of $85,000. You assign the contract to the fellow investor/rehabber and earn a profit of $10,000.

The rehabber remodels and repairs the property and ultimately sells it for $130,000, so the investor/rehabber profits too.

The wholesaling process often (but not always) involves distressed property owners, that is, individuals who are behind on their mortgage or facing foreclosure. An adept wholesaler will negotiate a selling price that’s significantly less than the home’s value. The wholesaler will typically expend money as a down payment on the property.

Once sale contract is drawn up, the property’s contract can be assigned to a rehabber who will perform improvements and renovations required to boost the property value and allow for a maximum return.

Once the property is renovated and rehabbed, the rehabber will oversee the sale to its end buyers. Some rehabbers may opt to keep the property, using it as a rental holding.

The key to successful real estate wholesaling is two-fold. Firstly, you must find a property at a rate that allows for a profit for you, the wholesaler and for the rehabber, who will flip the property to the end buyer. Secondly, you must move the property to a rehabber in a prompt manner, so as to expedite the improvements and allow for a fast closing.

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